Godstone Vineyards - Ride Report 11th August 2018

There were 6 riders on this 40 mile return ride from Dulwich Clock Cafe to Godstone Vineyards. This was not as many as the 32 that did the Southwark Healthy Rides and not as many as the 70,000 that did FreeCycle. However, our ride was quite bit longer.

We decided to start off half an hour earlier than the Southwark Healthy Riders at 9.30am to give us a bit more time and we set ourselves a goal of getting back by 3.30pm, which we achieved with about 20 minutes to spare.

One or our riders said what had attracted her to the ride was that it was one of the few longer letsride.co.uk rides and that it was an opportunity to go a longer ride without having to do rides with a full-on cycling group.

In keeping with the name of our cycling group and unlike the situation for Southwark Cyclists rides, not a single rider on this ride was a resident of the London Borough of Southwark - we were just using Southwark as a convenient meeting point for rides. As we are a rides group, not a borough-specific campaigning group, the riders on this ride had come from a multitude of boroughs - from Camden, Kensington & Chalsea, Lewisham, Greenwich and Lambeth, to be specific.

We started by climbing up College Road and Fountain Drive. When we got to the top, we found it difficult to make use of the new segregated cycle paths, as they were all going in the wrong direction, when we were turing right.

We then went down Anerley Road and, within an hour had reach West Wickham. We then followed the country lanes past the Police training centre and the White Oak pub. There were some serious hills near the Woldingham Gofl Club, but there was then calm as we passed up the valley to Woldingham School. There was then a short off-road path which took us down to Godson Vineyards, where we stopped for lunch. We then retuned by a similar route.