Big Hill Airshow - Ride Report 18th August 2018

There were 9 of us on this 3rd Saturday 9.30am Cutty Sark ride to the Biggin Hill Airshow, with representatives from many London boroughs - Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Waltham Forest, Camden, Bromley, Newham and Lewisham, to be specific. But, as is customary on our rides, there was no representative from the London Borough of Southwark, probably for bike politics reasons.

It was great that the number of people on Cyclists in Southwark rides is starting to recover from the schism that happened a year ago, when more than 100 riders decided to boycott our rides and form a more Facebook-centric, rather then Letsride-centric, cycling group called Over the Hills Cyclists (

We followed the Waterlink Way to Beckenham Place Mansion, where Josie joined us. we thought we might see the Cranky Cyclists, but there was no sign of them. We did notice a sign telling drivers that they should ignore their satnavs if they suggested driving up the route we had chosen to take and we did see the remnants of one recent accident where cars had collided at a sharp bend.

We turned off to go past the White Bear pub, but people were happy to continued on to the Botley Farmhouse, where we had lunch, looking out along the specatular valley.

I did ask if anyone wanted to do a quick spin down and back up Titsey Hill, where it is rumoured at someone managed to reach 50 mph on a bicycle by descending it. But no one took up the offer.

On the way back we were treated to spectacular Red Arrows display at the Biggin Hill Airshow, which we saw from Skid Hill Lane.

Unfortunately one rider did suffer a broken chain going up Corkscrew Hill and had to drop out an walk to the nearest bike shop. But there were no punctures this time.