Do you have to be a member of an elite cycling club to do "full-on" rides, or can anybody do them?

It is great news that 55 "Healthy Riders" used the Missing Link to do a long picnic ride:

But how many of these "Healthy Riders" should now be migrating to doing "full-on" rides to places like Nell's Cafe and Rochester?:

When Barry Mason was in charge of Southwark Cyclists he would never have restricted the majority of rides to being just two hours long. This is what bike politics is all about - not campaigning to get policy makers to change their minds, but rather campaigning to get campaigners to change their mind! As Barry Mason said: "Time passes. LCC still seems unable to find its way and has forgotten what its last initial stands for. The golden opportunity to relaunch itself after the failed coup has been wasted. LCC's local groups are increasingly doing it for themselves, or not at all." (see