What time should our "Healthy Rides" start?

How is our cycling group going to set about the task of deciding what time we should start our "Healthy Rides"?

It's a contentious issue! Starting at 9.30am allows us to go further afield, whilst still getting back by lunchtime. but starting at 10am allows people to join our rides after Parkruns.

When making this decision, we need to be careful, as, with numbers in our cycling group having dwindled to just two, we don't want to upset anyone, or we'll end up riding alone!

Like Brexit, we are now asking the question: can we survive on our own, or ought we to think of ourselves as being part of the wider community?

It was for this reason that we had decided that it was necessary for us to amalgamate our rides with "Healthy" ones.

Our ride started a bit later than the 3rd Saturday "Healthy Ride +" start time of 9.30am to allow Eleni to finish the Burgess Parkrun. We tried to catch up with the Healthy Riders, but failed to meet them at the Brixton Windmil. However, we were able to meet up with them at the cafe in Wandsworth Common. This was our route:

Relive 'Healthy Ride to Wandsworth Prison'

There were 436 runners at the Burgess Parkrun. We were thinking they must have a very effective committee to be able to get so many people to attend their events. Engagement with these runners is achieved by timing each one of them and publishing the results in the internet at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/burgess/results/latestresults/

We asked whether we could do a similar thing with the Healthy Riders. However, we realised that if we turned the Healthy Rides into a race, it would be illegal (without closing off roads) and we would end up doing another Healthy Ride to Wandsworth Prison! But perhaps engagement with our riders could be achieved by publishing GPS traces and photos of our rides on the internet.

Perhaps what we lack in numbers we can make up for in the multiplicity of these photos:

Thanks Eleni for the photos.

Meet for next ride: Charlie Chaplin Rides again - Southwark Healthy Ride - Saturday 24th November 2018 10:00am, Peckham Square, SE15 5RS