Rochester Ride Report - 1st December 2018

"Much of the rowdiness in the otherwise esteemed Dog & Bell Crew does not come from the hearts of the more reserved members of the Crew there assembled." - Francis Sedgemore
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All we are wanting to do is work closely with colleagues in our neighbouring boroughs to plan a comprehensive series of rides.
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So, on this occasion, four intrepid explorers braved the forecast hours of rain to do a 30 mile cycle ride from Cutty Sark Gardens to Nell's Cafe and Rochester.

Like the Jurassic Park "life finds a way", the relentless spamming attack that we are being subjected to on Letsride can be overcome if you are determined enough to look for rides that are more than 12 miles long. And, of course, our rides are still a lot easier for new people to find than those that are hidden behind 'closed' Facebook groups and members-only email distribution lists.

This was our route:

Relive 'Morning Ride'

and these were the photos taken on the ride: