Ride to High Elms Country Park - Sat 9th March 2019

Six of us met up at Dulwich Clock Cafe for this ride to High Elms Country Park. We have been told by British Cycling that we shouldn't be arranging rides which clash with Southwark Healthy ones, so we scheduled this one to take place on a second Saturday, rather than a fist Saturday, from Dulwich. We now use strava.com not letsride.co.uk for booking places on our rides and three people had signed up there. A couple of people did report some difficulties in getting access to strava.com. This ride had been advertised on letsride.co.uk but the details had been removed from the site (along with all our other rides) by British Cycling. This was not a surprise as both LCC and Cycling UK had taken similar action against us in the past for competing with other established cycling groups.

We stopped off at High Elms Country Park for a refreshment break and then continued up to Downe. We did have one puncture there, but it was fixed quite quickly. We met another group of about 8 cyclists there. From Keston we defended to West Wickham and then took a route through Elmers End, Anerley Hill and College Lane back to Dulwich Park.

It was somewhat amusing to look at Strava after the ride and notice that just as we are a Southwark Cyclists splinter group doing a second Saturday Southwark Healthy Ride+, which they can't stop us from doing, we too had our own splinter group which was doing another ride, which we can't stop them from doing!