Southwark Healthy Ride to Beckenham Place Park - Apr 6th 2019

Have you ever come across free-riders when doing group cycling? What should we do about them? The answer is straightforward. It can be found by looking at this link: :

  • Make the task more meaningful.
  • Show them what their peers are doing.
  • Shrink the group.
  • Assign unique responsibilities.
  • Make individual inputs visible.

So on this occasion we ended up trying out the "shrink the group" approach. There were only three of us who met up at Canada Water at 9am for our feeder ride to Dulwich Clock Cafe. however, three is sufficient for us to be quorate. This helped us to think of Cyclists in Southwark as being entitled to do a Southwark Healthy Ride on the grounds that we are a corporate member of Southwark Cyclists. However, this does raise the question of how Southwark Cyclists can control the rides done by one of its members if the member is a corporate member that organises its own social cycle rides.

Relive 'Like Brexit, would it be illegal for us to break away from our parent body without a deal?' gives is an excellent platform for doing all these things, so watch this space ...