Cutty Sark to Copped Hall Open Day - Ride Report, 26th May 2019

Three of us met up at Cutty Sark to do a ride to the Copped Hall Open Day. We had arranged to meet a fourth rider at the QE Park Velodrome, but were unable to find her because she had to visit a bike shop because her bike had had mechanical problems.

We used to be able to attract about 20 people to this ride, but with so many groups now jumping on the bandwagon to attract "free-riders", we can't do this any more. However, by doing rides like this and just threatening to poach riders from other groups, we can heap on the pressure on other groups to focus more on organising leisure rides rather than getting involved in protests and campaigning for more cycling infrastructure.

We had our own mechanical problems with a chain coming off and getting stuck. At first, it was impossible to prise the trapped portion of the chain away from the surrounding metalwork, but it turned out to be possible do this by applying great force to the chain as a whole.

Aster were so few of us, we decided just to cycle through Copped Hall and not stop off and we visited Waltham Abbey gardens instead. We then had lunch in a cafe at Waltham Abbey hight street and then returned along the Lee Valley to Cutty Sark Gardens.

This was our route:

Relive 'Is it a walk in the park to do a 60 mile ride along the Dunwich Dynamo route?'