Midsummer Madness - Ride Report, 21st June 2019

Whatever happened to the hundreds of riders foregoing their beauty sleep, giddy with excitement at the prospect of witnessing the summer solstice dawn? But as one of the five riders (including one skater) who joined this year's Midsummer Madness ride said: "Build it and they will come!".

However, this is proving to be difficult. Evidence is coming to light that charities involved with cycling have formed a cartel and are ganging up on small independent operators like Greenwich/Southwark Cyclists and are trying to send us to the wall to stamp out competition. The cartel is pressurising cyclists who want to do challenging rides to raise large sums of money for charity. This means that the more athletic cyclists no longer have the energy, money or inclination to help revitalise small local cycling clubs and stop them from falling into the hands of those who want to engage in extreme sport.

As is customary on our rides, we had no one at all from Southwark. However, we did have representatives from Sutton, Lewisham, Lambeth and Camden.

I think we were all surprised to find that the skater had no difficulty at all in keeping up with the cyclists, even when we went uphill.

Two of the riders decided to stop off a Primrose Hill and watch the sunrise from there, whist the remaining three went on to Parliament Hill.

There were another half dozen cyclists who joined us as we waited for the sunrise accompanied by a bagpipe player. There were about 30 people in all there.

We could see both the moon and the sun and although the weather was clear, there was some distant cloud which formed a backdrop for the sunrise.

Photos are on Strava at https://www.strava.com/activities/2467445316

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