Dulwich Clock Cafe to Bushy Park & Hampton Court - Ride Report 22nd Jun 2019

There were six of us who met up at Dulwich Clock Cafe on Saturday morning on a sunny day to do this ride to Richmond Park, Busy Park and Hampton Court. Starting the ride at Dulwich Park, rather then at Cutty Sark or Ladywell, makes it much easier for us to venture further west than Richmond Park.

In keeping with the "In Southwark" branding that we use for our rides, we had no one from Southwark on the ride, but we did have representatives from Croydon, Camden, Lambeth, Bromley and Tower Hamlets. It appears that only by getting all the non-Southwark boroughs to join forces to form a single cycling group that we can have any chance of forming a group that can rival, or take political control of, Southwark Cyclists. It appears that those who have seized control of Southwark Cyclists want to rewrite history and deny the existence of many Southwark Cyclists' rides that were instituted by its coordinator Barry Mason - in particular, the Dunwich Dynamo, the Midsummer Madness ride and the Christmas Day ride.

When we got to Richmond Park, we could see just how many cyclists go out on Saturday mornings to do rides. It is inconceivable that many of these riders don't come from Southwark or Greenwich.

We stopped off at the Pen Posds cafe for coffee and the proceeded to Ham House, where we didn't get lost this time. We had to abandon cycling along the Richmond river front, as it was so busy, and went up to therein road, which took us to Richmond Bridge, Marble Hill House and Strawberry Hill House.. We went to see the water gardens at Bushy Park and had lunch a Hampton Court Palace.

On our return journey was want along the Barge Path to Kingston Bridge and found the cycle route that goes behind the John Lewis shop which leads back to Richmond.

There aw a very busy junction that we had to navigate through at Putney, but we were rewards by river views and views of helicopters taking off, when we had got though it.

We then went through Barresea Park and climbed up to Clapham Common on our way back to Dulwcih Clock Cafe, where the ride finished.

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