Dog & Bell Crew Meeting Minutes, Wed 25th Sep 2019

1. Member present
Nigel Bee.

Apologies: Paul Scannell, Andrew Bourlet, Sion King.

2. Introduction
2.1. This meeting had been hastily convened following the shock Supreme Court judgement that it had been unlawful of the Prime Minister to prorogue Parliament for five weeks. This raises the question of whether there had been any reason, let alone a good one, for LCC to prorogue the Dog & Bell Crew. Surely there needs to be a deliberative assembly to scrutinize the way rides in SE London are being organised?
2.1. Hopefully the reconvening of monthly Dog & Bell Crew rides planning meetings will help us regulate and publicise the SE London rides programme so that it can include frequent Cutty Sark rides that are attended by about 20 people. We want the Christmas Day, Dunwich Dynamo, Midsummer Madness, Copped Hall, William Morris Gallery, Locks/Docks/Woolwich Ferry, New River, Hoo Peninsula/London Stone, River Peck/Blackbird Bakery, Ace Café and Nell’s Café/Rochester rides to be an integral part of this programme.
2.2. We must remember that one will want to join a cycling club whose rides are only attended by three of four people.

3. Duscussion
There was no discussion. Instead, a group of those present at the Dog & Bell turned up the sound on the TV and watched the exchanges between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on the first day of the recalled Parliament.
Andrew Bourlet had made a suggestion that Cyclists in Southwark could consider arranging some north London rides and perhaps could also introduce some occasional Sunday rides.

4. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Wed 30th October, 6.30pm, at the Dog & Bell, 116 Prince St, London SE8 3JD.

Chair: Nigel Bee
Secretary (minutes): Nigel Bee
Treasurer: Nigel Bee