2019 Christmas Day Ride

If it weren't for the Dog & Bell Crew, each borough would have to organise its own 2019 Christmas Day Ride!

Meet 11am Wednesday Dec 25th at the Southwark Needle, outside Evans Cycles, London Bridge.

This ride has taken place every year since 2001, when it was inaugurated by the late Barry Mason, coordinator of Southwark Cyclists, founder of Greenwich Cyclists and organiser of the Dunwich Dynamo. Although in previous years it has been brought to you under the auspices of LCC and then Cycling UK and then as a British Cycling letsride.co.uk ride, the Dog & Bell Crew has now done a "no-deal Brexit" and carries out the ride under its own auspices.

We meet at Cutty Sark Gardens at 10am and start by cycling along National Cycle Route 4 past the Dog & Bell pub, Russia Dock and Rotherhithe to the Southwark Needle, where we meet up with Bermondsey Bill Owen the large number of cyclists who wait for us there at 11am.

Our ride this year will be preceded with a short Dog & Bell Crew AGM. This is a meeting where we will elect our 'official' Christmas Day Route Planner. We only have one candidate for this post and votes are cast by attending this ride. If lots of people turn up he will get elected, but if hardly anyone comes he will not!

Some clues as to where we will be going can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/430951317527202/

Many people leave the ride after an hour or so, but there is usually a 'hard core' of about 20 of us who continue up to Edgware Road, where we stop off at about 1.30pm to have a meal at the Beirut Cafe, where we have eaten for the last few years. This restaurant is a Lebanese restaurant which opens as usual on Christmas Day.

Previous years have seen upwards of 100 cyclists of all ages, genders, ethnicities and body-mass indices take part, and we usually get a few skiving Santas thrown in.

Those wishing to come on the ride are asked to bring warm clothing, water, snacks, lights, basic tools and a spare inner tube in case you have a puncture (particularly important for this ride as there will no public transport on Christmas Day). Active parents are most welcome on the ride, provided that they are accompanied by at least one responsible child, and behave themselves. All should have at least basic road cycling experience.

Distance of the ride: 24 miles (one way to Edgware Road).

To book, go to: https://www.strava.com/clubs/497231/group_events/483527