2019 Boxing Day Ride

Will "Spokes - London Cycling" rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the Boxing Day Ride? The 2019 ride was led as by Werner Wiethege and was attended by Jane (who I now know is a Southwark not a Lambeth one and should not be confused with the Lewisham or Waltham Forest ones!), Lara, Nigel, someone from Shoreditch and a couplen of visitors from outside London. It was noted that not a single attendee had signed up to the ride on the letsride.co.uk website - the only person who had done this was not present! This underlines the importance of recognising that it is people who want to meet up regularly face-to-face who are needed form a cycling club, and that they days of using social media to assemble rides groups are over.

On the ride we visited several of the artworks described here: https://londonist.com/london/art-and-photography/sculpture-in-the-city-2019. The most stunning of these was was a space where there was a giant screen above our heads onto which was projected images of moving trees - it made us think we were in a forest: