Ride to Clissold Park, Hackney - Sat Aug 8th

Meet Sat Aug 8th, 10am. Canada Water. But is it a bridge too far to do Healthy Rides in Hackney & Islington?

The Mar 14th group ride to Clissold Park was abandoned through lack of a quorum - there were only two of us at the start point, so we decided to so the Southwark Healthy Ride instead. Although the Hackney ride had been well-publicised on the internet, there was only one RSVP. There is clearly a need for some consolidation of rides (i.e. we need fewer rather than more rides), so I am intending, in future, to set a minimum quorum of three for short rides and four for long rides.

One thing I've noticed is that it is a lot more interesting leading rides than being "ride fodder" for someone else's ride. And this, of course, can lead to a ridiculous situation where there are more ride leaders than riders on a ride. Hopefully, the setting of a minimum quorum for rides will help to resolve this problem.

So having abandoned our own ride, we started off on the Southwark Healthy one. Unfortunately I had to drop out as two spokes on my rear wheel back detached - probably damaged by doing too much locking and unlocking of the rear wheel. I returned to Decathlon who fitted a new wheel there an then in under an hour. I then realised that one of the most interested routes that I could use to get home was to go via Clissold Park in Hackney, so I did the ride anyway. This is the route:

There is a rule that, if you fail to establish a quorum at a meeting, you cannot conduct the business of your cycling group and the only action you can take is to reconvene. So, as a consequence, I will be rescheduling the Clissold Park ride for the second Saturday in August. Please RSVP at:


Hopefully this will give people time to familiarise themselves with the route for getting to Canada Water on time and will also give people the opportunity to publicise the event to their followers on social media. Although our non-Southwark contingent do not necessarily find Canada Water to be a convenient meeting point, it is still central to where we all live, so that is where we will start this ride.

For the August ride, we will first make our way to Cutty Sark Gardens, where we use the foot tunnel to cross the Thames to Tower Hamlets. We then cycle to the Greenway, Stratford and the QE Park. We then go into Victoria Park and cycle past the the Pub in the Park and London Fields, which is the starting point for the Dunwich Dynamo. We then cycle to Abney Park and Clissold Park, where we stop for a refreshment break.

For our route back we will be following the course of the 17th Century New River aqueduct. We will visit the difficult-to-find New River Head Gardens, which marked the endpoint of the river and go past the circular building which was originally intended to be a windmill to distribute water from the aqueduct into London. We then return via St John's Gate, Smithfield and Blackfriars to the Southwark Needle, where the ride will end.

Ride Leader: Nigel Bee (tel 07415 315 690, email nigel.bee@cyclistsinsouthwark.org.uk )