Dunwich Dynamo 2020 - Ride Report

About 60 cyclists did the "cancelled" 2020 Dunwich Dynamo. There was a wonderful atmosphere at the White Hart, Moreton, but we turned back at Fyfield, as we were unsure about getting back home.

Our group came up with lots of innovative ideas about what could be done with the ride in future years to make it more accessible to "ordinary" cyclists. Perhaps people could stay overnight at Chelmsford or they could cycle from Dunwich to Harwich and then take a ferry to Holland?

Our ride has evolved from the Cutty Sark feeder ride that Barry Mason used to lead. The group of five north London cyclists met at Pub On The Park a couple of hours early at 6pm to follow the Dunwich Dynamo route to the White Hart, Moreton. As we weren't sure we would be allowed in, we had booked ahead and they had said they would provide some rolls for us - the kitchen was very busy and closed at 9pm.

We then followed the Dunwich Dynamo route at nighttime to Fyfleld, where the group split up into two, with some going on to Chelmsford and the others returning via Ongar, Greensted and Toot Hill to Epping Station to catch one of the last late night Central Line trains. Two of us were even able to catch a 00.15 Overground train to NW London.

These are Barry Mason's original instructions for the Dunwich Dynamo, taken from the Greenwich Cyclists website that he left us with when he died in 2011: