Lockdown being eased in East London

Battles are raging in different parts of London about whether we should still be saying at home as much as possible, or whether we can now get out more as long as we "stay alert". The battles are fuelled by observation that the R value in London has dropped to 0.4 (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/15/regional-differences-in-co...).

I did note that proprietor of the ice cream van that I bought an ice cream from had been "staying alert" by installing a perspex screen over the window of this vehicle.

However, in Islington, Culpeper Park is still completely closed off and there are no street markets there.

By contrast, in East London things are getting back to normal - there are lots of places where you can buy takeaway food and drinks and you can consume your food in an outdoor setting, where the risk of transmitting coronavirus is extremely small.

The View Tube is now selling takeaway food that you can eat in its garden and you are now allowed to cycle through Victoria Park to get there.