Southwark Needle to the Royal Docks - Ride Report, Jun 27th 2020

The lockdown rule limiting group size to six, which is looking as though it will remain in force for many weeks, is having a profound effect on the way group cycling is being organised in London. If you look for rides on the internet, many are fully booked and this has led to an increased demand for our rides. But we are not only getting more riders, we are also getting more ride leaders at our Southwark Needle start point.

On Jun 27th, we had enough people to form three groups of up to six. One group wanted to do the ride route at a faster pace and set off to do this. The other two groups each had a leader, but the groups wanted to do the ride at the same pace, so they set off together, whilst maintaining social distancing.

We noted that there was also a fourth group of much faster cyclists, who were doing a ride to Kent. They set off half an hour earlier at 9.00am.

Although it was originally intended that the ride should go back to the VIew Tube after visiting the Royal Docks, Jamie had asked for the group to go back via the Woolwoch Ferry and Greenwich, Three areas were cordonnd/fenced off at the Royal Docks, but we managed to avoid these. Strait Road was particularly useful for doing this. Our coffee stop was Fratelli's Docklands, as Galyons Bar and Kitchen, which we had visited when we last did this ride, was closed.

When we got back to Greenwich, we stopped off at the Pelton Arms, where we were able to buy takeaway drinks. Every year, one or two rides rides are organised which remind us of our Greenwich Cyclists heritage and this ride turned out, unexpectedly, to be one of these. Those of you who know the history of our cycling group will know that the Pelton Arms is the "true" home of Greenwich Cyclists and that the Dog & Bell is not, being a Lewisham pub, not in Greenwich one. The group then disbanded and we went our separate ways.