Southwark Needle to St Albans - Ride Report, Jul 11th 2020

It is only by including the spectacular Verulamium Park in our a north London parks ride that we are able trump the south London parks rides, which have proved to be so popular with groups such as Lewisham and Southwark Cyclists. But the downside of this was that we were faced with doing a 40 mile ride across what turned out to be quite hilly terrain!

We were able to exploit a little-known relaxation of lockdown rules that permits up to 30 people to go on social rides, if it is safe to do so. So we were pleased when no less that 10 people turned up to do our ride from the Southwark Needle to St Albans via the View Tube.

However, the "guest chairman", Nigel King of View Tube Bikes, who presided over our setting out for our ride, did point out that we shouldn't be using a name for our cycling group that conflicts with names that are already in use by other such groups. So we held a ceremony to adopt the name Greenwich Cyclists, which we believe is not is use by any other group for doing weekly social rides, like "Healthy" ones.