Southwark Needle to William Morris Gallery - Ride Report, Jul 19th 2020

As we were having difficulty in creating sufficient Evenbrite tickets for this ride, we had to register the ride as an "umbrella" ride so that we could issue two batches of six tickets. Five of us had tickets from the Southwark Needle, but there were another four who had tickets from the View Tube. As one driver observed "II see you're having a cycling party" - and technically that was correct, as a party can have 30 people, but a ride can have no more than six! But it seems that being the first group get up and running with "lockdown rides" is paying dividends on the ride attendance front.

This ride was was originally conceived as a Dog & Bell Crew ride (, but, due to bike politics, in its most recent reincarnation it was run as a Southwark Cyclists one:

We added our own twist to the ride - a visit to find the short cut through to God's Own Junkyard: But one way restrictions made it difficult to get there and we ended up traversing Orford Road twice,

On the way back, some left us at Victoria Park, but three of us cycled back to Tower Bridge and London Bridge.