Southwark Needle to Royal Docks - Ride Report, Aug 1st 2020

The problem with coronavirus is that it thrives on the social contact which makes life worth living. We are told that when we visit a place, we must limit social interaction with people outside the group we are with, even if we come across people we know. But this causes a problem for those of us who are trying to run cycling groups. We have to limit numbers on rides to six, but our cycling groups will lose their identities if we can't find some way of organising occasional gatherings of more than six.

However, on Saturday we did find there's a way out of this problem. We can organise a number of rides for up to six people in the Greenwich area and then hope that, with careful timing, there will be an opportunity for us to meet up in small groups with friends we know.

On Saturday, one group met up at 9.30am at the Southwark Needle and a second group met at Cutty Sark at 9.30am to do a different ride. A third group then met up at about 10.15am at Cutty Sark to do yet another ride. However, two of these three rides were going to the Royal Docks and despite having come from completely different places, the participants managed to arrive at Galyons Bar & Kitchen at approximately the same time.

The Southwark Needle group was pleased to discover that a new segregated cycle part had been built on the far side of the road near the Rotherhithe roundabout and were able to cross the road and try this out. Although only two riders had booked places on Strava, the rides that took place were all very well attended - most of the 18 Eventbrite tickets for the rides had been sold.

We found we had to make a number of detours, but were pleased that the northern cycle path by the Royal Docks was fully open. On the way back, Jamie showed us his secret route to the Blackwall Basin and we then went past the Gun pub and back to Cutty Sark where the ride finished.