Southwark Needle to Ingrebourne Way - Ride Report, Aug 15th 2020

As we have run a series of succesful rides from the View Tube to Trent Park, St Albans and Walthamstow, we tried out another north London ride. This time it was to the "far east" - Rainham, the Ingrebourne Way and Upminster.

There were 10 of us when we met up at the View Tube, which is twice as many as we had when we tried out some south London rides. We decided to split into two groups of 5 and did a "Rendezvous Ride", by arranging to meet up at the Ingrebourne Visitor Centre for a refreshment break.

One of the groups did cycle round Beam Country Park and Mick, who lives locally in Havering, managed to spot us and joined as at the cafe:

The two groups went back to London different ways. One returned on the fast superhighway route and the other went on to take a look at the Upminster Windmill, whose sails are being refurbished in Holland:

We then went to Hornchurch, and were shown the horns of the Horn Church:

We then continued through Harrow Lodge Park to the Chase, which took us back to the Greenway and eventually the View Tube, where the ride finished.