Ride to Chislehurst Caves

Coronavirus is not the only thing that needs social contact to survive. The same is true of our cycling group. But what should we do if more than 6 people turn up to a ride? Can the extra people tag along at the end, or should we send them home?

One way out is the “sports exemption”, but a simpler solution is to split the group into a number of separate bubbles of up to 6. This is what we did on this occasion.

One bubble went to Hyde Park and two bubbles went to the Chislehurst Caves. One of the Caves bubbles had a puncture, caused by an enormous shard of glass, so there was no danger of the two groups arriving at the cafe at the time. There was a long queue at the cafe in Dulwich Park and a much longer one at Beckenham Place Stables, but we were served quickly at Chislehurst Caves.

One the way back we stopped off to see the Eltham donkeys. They were sheltering under trees in the face corner of the field, but when they saw us they came right across the field to green us. We then retuned vy Kidbrooke to Cutty Sark, where the ride finished.