Ride to the Quaggy & East Greenwich Pleasaunce - Sat Nov 7th

We know that the "Rule of 6" has now become a "Rule of 2", but our WhatApp group didn't see this a a barrier for continuing to do Saturday morning rides starting at the Southwark Needle at 9.30am or at Cutty Sark Gardens at 10am. We had formed ourselves into three groups of 2 and the rule we follow is that each bubble makes its own decisions about where it wants to go.

As we are allowed to have more than one bubble doing a ride, as long as the bubbles are kept separate, two of the bubbles decided to do an abbreviated version of the originally-proposed Quaggy route. We started by making use of the new segregated cycle path on Tanner Street, which had been publicised on the Southwark Cyclists' website. We then continued to Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey Square, Bermondsey Spa Gardens and Southwark Park, all of which are nice areas to cycle in, but appear to be "no-go" areas for Southwark Healthy Rides, probably because of Southwark Cyclists' internal politics. We even discovered a completely new Southwark Park, called Shuttleworth Park. We did have difficulty in finding the entrance to Southwark Park, but when we reached South Bermondsey and Deptford Park we were on more familiar ground.

There is a nice new route through central Lewisham past the confluence of the Quaggy and Ravensbourne and we then cycled up Heath Drive to Blackheath. We then made our way to Vanburgh Park Road and down to the East Greenwich Pleasaunce, where we stopped for coffee before cycling to Cutty Sark Gardens, where the ride finished.