Spokes - Ambush Marketing

The Museum of Brands told us that Stelios Haji-Ioannou used Ambush Marketing to take on the "big boys" and establish easyJet. Ambush marketing is when a rival company associates its products with an event that already has official sponsors. Meet Saturday Feb 15th 9.30am Southwark Needle for a ride to Walthamstow.

Spokes - Dunwich Dynamo Ambush Marketing

The thing that made Southwark Cyclists a "must-join" group for me, was the discovery that they organise the Dunwich Dynamo ride. This is a ride where 2,000 cyclists meet up at the Pub in the Park, London Fields, Hackney to do a 120 mile overnight ride to the lost town of Dunwich on the Essex coast. However, when I found they were having difficulty in mustering a handful of marshals for a 100-cyclist FreeCycle Feeder ride, I realised that the group was sorely in need of a management shake-up.

Although the Dunwich Dynamo last year was attended by about a dozen or so of our regular "Spokes" SE London riders, many of us are not satisfied with the anonymity of the attendees, the abject failure to register attendees, the level of diversity of the attendees and the degree of challenge associated with our weekly social rides. Traipsing off to far-flung parts of SE London to do Sunday rides starting very early in the morning is not the answer. So, as our "Spokes" branding suggests, we are all about putting a spoke in all this and getting people to do more challenging Saturday morning rides. For us the Healthy Ride+ is the norm and that's why we want to start our rides at 9.30am.


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