Putting a spoke in

"When you are not in accord with another person's plans or projects, you 'put a spoke in his wheel' by taking some action that will interfere with or impede his progress. The expression goes back to the sixteenth century and alluded to the use, by carters, of an extra spoke or bar which could be thrust between the spokes or wheel so that that wheel would drag and serve as a brake in descending a hill."


Spokes - Museum of Brands Ride

LCC is a master of the art of cycle ride branding, as exemplified by the naming of the "Lewisham Cyclists Surrey Hills Summer Edition Ride". You can't deny that the ride was primarily intended for Lewisham's cyclists, went to the Surrey Hills and took place in Summer, but no one other than LCC would put together such a cacophony of words to describe what most people think of as just being a ride! But branding works, otherwise people wouldn't do it. The question now is not do we want branding, but do we want LCC-controlled borough-specific branding or pan-London "Spokes" branding, controlled by us!


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