Ride to the Darent River Path - 11th Nov 2017

Despite the rain that was forecast for this ride, seven of us turned up at Cutty Sark Gardens and we were joined by an eighth rider, Julie, at Woolwich.

The relaxation of our "three strikes and you're out" policy helped to give us a good turnout. We have had our arm twisted by mass boycotts of our rides, so we do now allow non-Cycling UK members to come on more than three rides, as long as they're willing to be members of our cycling group.

Ride to the House Mill

Sunday 22nd October 2017 10:00am, Meet at Cutty Sark Gardens by the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel.

This is an 16 mile ride to visit the House Mill. It was built in 1776 at Bromley by Bow and is the largest tidal mill in the world and the only remaining mill at Three Mill Island on the River Lea, an artificial island created in ancient times – like Venice – by driving thousands of wooden stakes into the mud, for the purpose of harnessing the powerful tidal surge of the Thames.


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