"Own the Ride" - Visit to Chihuly Exhibition at Kew Gardens - Oct 12th 2019

The days when we could advertise rides on letsride.co.uk and get 20 people to attend, have long gone. So on this occasion we tried an "own the ride" approach. The ride was prearranged and people had bought dated tickets to go to the see Chihuly Exhibition at Kew Gardens. This meant that we were not going to cancel this 30 mile ride, and four people attended, even though the weather on the day was very rainy.

East End Cycling Club Ride to the River Peck - 28th Sep 2019

There was recently an event in a pub on Worcestershire when hundreds of Nigels met up to celebrate Nigelness.

Last Saturday there were not as many of us, but 20 people did meet up for an East End Cycle Club ride to Peckham, where we were able to celebrate both East Endness and Southwarkness.

But what is Nigelness, East Endness and Southwarkness? The only way you are going to be able to find out is to come on our rides. Perhaps it would help if we gave out non-Nigel, non-East End and non-Southwark badges?

On last Saturday's ride we met up at Cutty Sark to seek out of the source of the River Peck at One Tree Hill. It was a far cry from the two or three people who has been turning up to Cyclists in Southwark rides recently and it felt like old times when we had no difficulty in getting 20 people to come on our rides.

Establishing a quorum of long term members who can carry out decision making at rides is always very difficult and we noted that Chau, Roxy, Jill, Jason and Birgit, all of whom had signed up to the ride, did not attend. However, Yves, Sion, George, Bill and Lynne, all of whom are well-known to those who have been cycling in SE London, were present. Strangely, not a single one of the 25 Cyclists in Southwark members, who had been invited by email, were present.

We set off to find Earl's Sluice and found that the danger signs that used to mark the outlet had gone, presumably because standards regarding what can be disputed in the Tames have now improved. We did find the bridge parapet ,which used to go over the stream, which had been moved a few hundred years and which had a plaque informing us that it used to mark the boundary between Kent and Surrey (Southwark originally being in Surrey).

We then made our way to the pipe which carried the waters of the Peck over a railway line. We then entered Peckham Rye Park where we cycled alongside the Peck, which was a stream at this point. There was then a climb up to One Tree Hill, where we talk a look at the One Tree, the waters from whose roots form the source of the Peck. We were all amazed to see one ebike which had no difficulty in climbing up the steep hill to the top. There was much hilarity when people asked about exactly where the Peckham Sprigs were (video is here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/video/tv/bottling-peckham-springs-water-in-clas...)

We stopped at the Blackbird Bakery of Queens/Asylum Road and manage to eat there despite it being quite crowded and with there being so many of us.

Most of us then cycled up to Stratford as far as the Mittel Tower. We used an interesting direct route which turned out to be very fast.

Dog & Bell Rides Planning Meeting

Wed Oct 30th 2019 6:30 pm at the Dog & Bell, 116 Prince St, Deptford, London SE8 3JD.

Extract from https://web.archive.org/web/20080607022303/http://www.southwarkcyclists.... :

"On the last Wednesday of the month, starting 18:30 at the Dog and Bell, 116 Prince Street, SE8 3JD a regular, mostly monthly meeting takes place to decide on and coordinate future rides with Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark Cyclists. The aim us to arrange rides for the following month. These meetings are informal with the business side taking about 30 minutes. If you have a ride you want to do or want to lead feel free to come along; everyone is welcome. Anyone can come to a meeting or on a ride, member or not. See you there . . ."

Finding the source of the River Peck - Canada Water feeder ride

Meet on Sat 28th Sep at 9am at Deal Porter Square, next to Canada Water Library, opposite Canada Water Station, SE16 7AR

You may well be asking - why go all the way to Greenwich to do what is essentially a "Southwark" ride. Some of us are asking the same question about the EU!

The answer, my friend, is bike politics. Elections are not "elephant traps", but rather are an opportunity for us to choose who should be in charge of us. And it is only those who have a mandate to organise rides who can expect people to turn up to them.


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