Can a delinquent corporation own a trademark?

You might be asking, how can “Southern California Darts Association” be a trademark in the first place? We know that geographic terms are disfavored in trademark law. And the words “Darts Association” are clearly generic. Maybe in 1963 the name would not have been a protectable trademark. However, the court ruled that the mark had “acquired distinctiveness” over its many years of use, and therefore dispensed with the issue of protectability.

Copped Hall Ride Report - 27th May 2018

It was great to be back up to strength with 15 riders meeting up at Cutty Sark Gardens to do our annual ride to the May Bank Holiday Copped Hall Open Day. The disaffiliation of Cyclists in Southwark from Cycling UK appears to have increased rather than decreased the number of people tuning up to this ride. This was largely thanks to support from the Bromley Cyclists' social cycling group. This seems appropriate as we're now having to revert to being the Dog & Bell Crew and Bromley Cyclists were always supposed to be part of it. When Mick first told me about Copped Hall, I realised it had great potential for attracting large numbers of people to do a cycle ride there. This did indeed happen for the first few rides. However in 2017 it felt like the writing was on the wall for such rides when only a couple of people from the Stratford area turned up for the rides plus some regular cyclists who subsequently decided to boycott Cyclists in Southwark rides in protest at them competing against LCC social cycling groups. But the cycling community is amazingly fickle. They have no problem with Over the Hills Cyclists being a Cycling UK group that competes with LCC social rides, but I suspect this is because it is tolerant of most of its Facebook members who belong to cycling organisations being LCC members as opposed to being Cycling UK members.

Swains Lane & Waterlow Park Ride Report -12th May 2018

There were six of us who joined our Canada Water to Swains Lane and Waterlow Park ride on Saturday. We formed a non-Southwark contingent at the Healthy Ride start point - one from Newham, two from Camden, one from Bromley and one from Islington. We were met by a bystander who expressed an interest in the rides were were organising and specifically asked what the name of our group was.


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