'Five Strikes and You're Out' Ride Report - 23rd July 2017

A game of Chicken has developed between Cyclists in Southwark and those who have attended more that five Cyclists in Southwark rides, but who are refusing to join Cycling UK. If they join Cycling UK, they are chickens, but if Cyclists in Southwark lets them come on rides, we are chickens. If none of us yields, we will both self-destruct, and LCC and British Cycling will take over. Because of these problems, there were only six riders who set off from Cutty Sark to cycle to Knole House in Sevenoaks.

Dunwich Dynamo 2017

On this year's ride to the Dunwich Dynamo we had a shock when two of the riders on our abridged ride turned out to be doing the real thing! This helped us achieve an unbelievably fast pace in and it was hardly dark by the time we got back to Stratford.


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