Our rides programme is now published on Eventbrite - we're simply a bunch of local bikers who got together in May 2000 to push bikes up the agenda, press the Council for better bike facilities, do rides for all sorts of people, and have some fun at the same time. We've a proper Constitution and an Equal Opportunities Policy we believe in.

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Ride to Maryon Wilson Animal Park - Sat Oct 10th

Over the past few years, it has been very difficult for us to get support for running rides starting and finishing at Cutty Sark. This was mainly because Greenwich was facing competition from Southwark and Newham. This has been especially true of shorter rides, which are the only ones that have a group forming capability. Some longer rides have been organised, but with these, people often peel off to go home leaving hardly anyone at the start point when the ride finishes.

Open House 2020 Ride Report, Sep 19th 2020

With the new "Rule of 6" coming into force on Monday, we had decided to limit numbers on this ride by issuing just 6 Eventbrite tickets. However, two people who turned up didn't have Eventbrite tickets, but wanted to do the ride anyway. This situation was resolved by two people who did have Evenbrite tickets deciding to leave the group to do bits of the ride on their own, leaving just six of us to do the full ride.

Southwark Needle to Hall Place Cafe - Ride Report, Sep 12th 2020

There has been much talk this week about the need to limit attendance at social gatherings to six, to help reduce the incidence of coronavirus cases. What is less well known is that the same dynamics applies to the organisation of social cycle rides. If rides are attended by six or fewer people, they are likely to die out through lack of interest, but if rides can be amalgamated so that more than six people attend, in two or more groups, then the rides can become more and more popular as they are repeated.

The fact that several rides had been organised this year starting from Cutty Sark Gardens and that all of them were well attended, encouraged us to attempt to resurrect the Hall Place Ride, which hadn't been run for several years.

The new segregated cycle path from the Southwark Needle to Cutty Sark Gardens, helped us to reach Cutty Sark promptly by 10am. There were then eight of us who set out to climb the hill in Greenwich Park to reach Blackheath. People were impressed by the excellent landscaping of the new housing development in Kidbrooke and around Cator Park. We then climbed King John's Walk which feels as if it is in the middle of the countryside. We stopped there to look at both the donkeys and the panoramic views of London. The path leads to Eltham Palace and it is then only a short ride to visit Avery Hill Park. We then cycled past the lake at Danson Park and past the William Morris Red House. This took us to Hall Place, where we stopped off for a refreshment break.

On our way back we stopped off to admire the wonderful view of the North Downs from Oxleas Wood Cafe and also took a look at Severndroog Castle. The ride then finished at Cutty Sark Gardens. People on our rides come from many different pats of London and finishing the ride at Cutty Sark Gardens made it easy for everyone to get back home at the end of the ride.