Lockdown Roadmap: Now: 2-person rides - no sitting on park benches; Mar 8th: sitting on park benches allowed; Mar 29th: 6-person rides are back! Apr 12th: + outside hospitality; May 17th: 30-person rides: http://greenwich-cyclists.eventbrite.co.uk. We're simply a bunch of local bikers who got together in May 2000 to push bikes up the agenda, press the Council for better bike facilities, do rides for all sorts of people, and have some fun at the same time. We've a proper Constitution and an Equal Opportunities Policy we believe in.

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Southwark Needle to Mayfield Lavender Farm - Ride Report, Jul 25th 2020

With there being so much rain on Saturday, we were pleased we had registered our ride with Eventbrite as an "umbrella ride". This allowed us to amalgamate the two small sub-rides, whose start points are only revealed on Eventbrite tickets, to give us a full complement of six cyclists to do the ride to the Mayfield Lavender Farm.

Cycling clubs are, of course, defined by their rules, but, for us, it is not at all clear what these rules should be post-Covid. This ride was taking place on the fourth Saturday of the month, so there should have been a group of cyclists meeting for a ride at Peckham Square at 10am. However, there was nobody there. We now have what could be a "new normal" for a fourth Saturday: four of us met at the Southwark Needle at 9.30am and a further two joined us a Dulwich Clock Cafe at 10.15am.

There were long queues at Dulwich Clock Cafe, so we couldn't stop for coffee there and we headed out and up College Road instead. We passed though Croydon and on to the Walndle Trail. One person left us at Carshalton and the other five continued to Oaks Park and the Mayfield Lavender Farm, where we stopped for lavender-themed food (lavender chutney, lavender & camomile tea, lavender lemonade etc.).

We discovered a new off-road route to link up with the cycle path back to Carshalton and then followed the Wandle Trail back to Merton Abbey Mills. A couple of people peeled off there and this left three of us to cycled back to London Bridge.

Southwark Needle to St Albans - Ride Report, Jul 11th 2020

It is only by including the spectacular Verulamium Park in our a north London parks ride that we are able trump the south London parks rides, which have proved to be so popular with groups such as Lewisham and Southwark Cyclists. But the downside of this was that we were faced with doing a 40 mile ride across what turned out to be quite hilly terrain!