The everchanging Locks Docks and One Smoking Ferry

Sunday 2nd November

Thanks to Barry for yet another ever changing Locks, Docks and One Smoking Ferry on Sunday. And all who snuggled under the covers on a rainy Sunday morning should fell ashamed (I don't really mean that).

A total of seven set out, reaching the Firepower cafe for a well needed coffee. The rain was mostly off by the time we left. Met three enormous Norbert Dentressangle trucks from France on the ferry, and chatted to one of the drivers who was taking a lorry load of pommes to market near Ipswich (?).

New things on the ever-changing ride were the new roller shutter door at the Pier Tavern which opens automatically like something from Thunderbirds to admit drookit cyclists; and the protestor for father's rights dressed as Spiderman who has been up a crane for two days. Tower Bridge closed since Friday night. Strange but enjoyable trip over a car-free bridge dodging the tourists taking photograps.

John Hearns.