Locks, Docks and One Smoking Ferry - The Final Chapter

Meet Friday 5th October 2018 18:30 at Cutty Sark Gardens by the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, SE10 9HT.

It is the stuff of legends, that Sunday ride by the late Barry Mason that had many different variations and introduced many of us into Social Cycling and Campaigning. Copied many times it remains a popular ride with many to date.

The Woolwich Ferry was a feature of many after worker rides that ran on Thursdays as a loop crossing the river on the Ferry.

Teddington Lock - Ride Report 29th September 2018

Although 11 people had signed up to this ride on letsride.co.uk, there were only seven of us at Dulwich Clock Cafe at 9.30am. It was a perfect day for cycling, with full sun but also a cooling breeze.

It was good to be able to welcome several members of the Cranky Cyclists Club, particularly as they share an interest in doing challenging all-day rides.

Open House Weekend - Ride Report, 22nd Sept 2018

Six of us met up at Dulwich Clock Cafe at our new earlier start time of 9.30am to do this year's Open House ride. It was rather a drizzly day. 10 people had registered on letsride.co.uk, but there were three last minute cancellations. Fortunately, our numbers were augmented by a new person who had come from as far afield as North London to join us. We had hoped we could welcome a resident of the London Borough of Southwark on our ride, but, on this occasion, it was not to be.

Do you have to be a member of an elite cycling club to do "full-on" rides, or can anybody do them?

It is great news that 55 "Healthy Riders" used the Missing Link to do a long picnic ride:

But how many of these "Healthy Riders" should now be migrating to doing "full-on" rides to places like Nell's Cafe and Rochester?:

When Barry Mason was in charge of Southwark Cyclists he would never have restricted the majority of rides to being just two hours long. This is what bike politics is all about - not campaigning to get policy makers to change their minds, but rather campaigning to get campaigners to change their mind! As Barry Mason said: "Time passes. LCC still seems unable to find its way and has forgotten what its last initial stands for. The golden opportunity to relaunch itself after the failed coup has been wasted. LCC's local groups are increasingly doing it for themselves, or not at all." (see https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/greenwichcyclists/conversations/mess...)


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