Explore Dulwich Ride - Jan 4th 2020

From watching Brexit, we know how important it is for us to have a 'deal', but unfortunately, our cycling group hasn't been able to get one. So, on this first Saturday of the new decade, the four of us who like doing challenging ride amalgamated our ride with a Southwark Healthy one. We were engulfed by the 685 Dulwich Parkrunners when we met at 10am at the Dulwich Clock Cafe, so, in future, it might be better for our Dulwich rides to start at 9.30am. Our ride, although on a smaller scale, was like the Parkrun in that it was a 'day of the clubs'.

2019 Boxing Day Ride

The Boxing Day Ride is the melting pot from which Dog & Bell Crew rides planning meetings might evolve. The 2019 ride was led as by Werner Wiethege and was attended by Jane (who I now know is a Southwark not a Lambeth one and should not be confused with the Lewisham or Waltham Forest ones!), Lara, Nigel, someone from Shoreditch and a couplen of visitors from outside London. It was noted that not a single attendee had signed up to the ride on the letsride.co.uk website - the only person who had done this was not present!

2020 Christmas Day Ride

Will our WhatsApp group be a better way of organising the 2020 Christmas Day Ride than the Dog & Bell Crew? This ride has taken place every year since 2001, when it was inaugurated by Barry Mason, coordinator of Southwark Cyclists, founder of Greenwich Cyclists and organiser of the Dunwich Dynamo. Although in previous years it has been brought to you under the auspices of LCC and then Cycling UK and then as a British Cycling letsride.co.uk ride, it is now brought to you under its own auspices.


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