Ride in Search of Noviomagus Cantiacorum

Meet Sat Dec 14th, 09.30, at the Southwark Needle, 1 London Bridge Walk, London SE1 2SX (next to Evans Cycles).

In Roman times, Noviomagus Cantiacorum was a stop-off on the journey to Rochester, but was it in West Wickham because Deptford Creek was impassable? If it was, how would travellers have got from West Wickham to Rochester, without having to strike out across country when there were perfectly good roads further north?

Dog & Bell Crew AGM

Meet 11am Wednesday Dec 25th at the Southwark Needle, outside Evans Cycles, London Bridge.

The 2019 Christmas Day Ride will be preceded with a short Dog & Bell Crew AGM. This is a meeting where we will elect our 'official' Christmas Day Route Planner. We only have one candidate for this post and votes are cast by attending this ride. If lots of people turn up he will get elected, but if hardly anyone comes he will not!

Ride to Petticoat Lane - Sat Oct 17th 2020, 9.30am

Meet Sat Oct 17th, 9.30am, Cutty Sark Gardens, by the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, SE10 9HT

This is an 18 mile ride to visit Petticoat Lane. However, there will be a surprise in store for us. It doesn't exist! We will discover that changed its name to Middlesex Street nearly 200 years ago, but that hasn't stopped people from continuing to use the name for branding and commercial purposes.


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