Lockdown Roadmap: Now: 2-person rides - no sitting on park benches; Mar 8th: sitting on park benches allowed; Mar 29th: 6-person rides are back! Apr 12th: + outside hospitality; May 17th: 30-person rides: http://greenwich-cyclists.eventbrite.co.uk. We're simply a bunch of local bikers who got together in May 2000 to push bikes up the agenda, press the Council for better bike facilities, do rides for all sorts of people, and have some fun at the same time. We've a proper Constitution and an Equal Opportunities Policy we believe in.

Upcoming Cycle Routes

Saturday, March 6, 2021 - 09:30
Saturday, March 13, 2021 - 09:30
Saturday, March 20, 2021 - 09:30


Ride to the Ingrebourne Way

"I'm not allowed to say how many planes joined the raid, but I counted them all out and I counted them all back." - Brian Hanrahan

By an amazing coincidence, although we had arranged to stagger our ride start points by as much a 20 minutes, the absence of many riders on this ride caused us to coalesce our start times somewhat, and, with the Woolwich Ferry only running one boat every 25 minutes, we were able to get onto the same ferry all at once!

However, it was disappointing to find that when we got to the Ingrebourne Valley Visitor centre, we found it was closed, when lockdown rules could have allowed them to offer takeaways. The same could be said of the decision by Cycling UK and British Cycling to suspend ALL rides, when there is no reason why cycling clubs can't continue to encourage their members to make use of standard club routes. But all was not lost, as the Lakeview Place Cafe at Harrow Lodge Park was offering takeaways and it was only a few miles away.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day Ride 2020/1

It was ironic that the only way we could legally run the Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day rides this year was to adopt the anarchic "turn up when you feel like it" practices of the Dunwich Dynamo - we had established routes which many people knew and which could be shared beforehand, so all we then needed to do to make the rides conform to lockdown rules was to stagger the start times over an extended period. There was also an added incentive that there was almost nothing else that we were allowed to do!