Rochester Ride Report - 8th September 2018

This ride was particularly popular with 20 riders cycling out to Rochester to meet up with Alan Stirling from West Kent CTC, who took us on a country ride around the city.

This was the route we took:

Relive 'Cutty Sark to Rochester'

We started off by meeting at Cutty Sark Gardens:

Our riders had come from all over London - from Brent, Islington, Camden, Croydon, Lambeth, Greenwich, Bromley, Bexley, Kensington & Chelsea and Newham, to be specific.

We were able to make use the brand new "missing link" elevated walkway, by the Thames Barrier:

Perhaps next year, when we do this ride again, we can see whether we can beat Southwark and Bexley Cyclists record of 55 people using the "missing link" for a ride!:

Perhaps, by next year, we will have become so good a doing longer rides that we can brand ourselves as an elite cycling group - "I've never been on a ride before where someone has drunk Sanpellegrino"!

We stopped off for lunch at Nell's Cafe, Gravesend:

We were then taken on a ride where we visited Rochester Castle, Chatham Historic Dockyards, St Mary's Island and Fort Amherst:

The ride was part of a series run by the Cyclists in Southwark group, which has been formed to allow those of us who live within cycling distance of Southwark to meet up in Southwark and Cutty Sark Gardens and do rides similar to, but much longer than, the rides that are organised by Southwark Cyclists.

Rochester Castle:

Eastgate House:

Dickens Chalet:

Upnor Castel, from St Mary's Island:

Hollywood Farm Coffee Shop - Ride Report 1st Sept 2018

Appearances can be deceptive! Our anarchistic attempt to get Southwark Cyclists to a "Healthy Ride+" on a day when they are supposed to do just a "normal" "Healthy Ride" did not appear to meet with much success. But ensuing discussions amongst the riders concluded that there might be thousands of cyclists who have done rides such as the London to Brighton ride, but who are finding it difficult to find a suitable cycling club in the area that they can join.

On this occasion, several Southwark Cyclists had turned up half an hour early for their ride and we were able to talk to them. However, although one declared herself to be an "interloper" and we thought that was exactly the sort of person we need in our cycling group, this was to no avail and she wanted to go on the 10am ride. Another person said she had been on our rides before, but she too wanted to go on the 10am ride. Someone else said he might have come on our ride if it had been a bit shorter, but didn't want to spend 4 hours doing a ride. So there were just two of at the Dulwcih Clock Cafe start point who boldly set out on our ride to Keston. The only problem was it was difficult to retrieve my bicycle as there were not enough bike racks and my bike had been surrounded by Southwark Cyclists' bikes and was trapped in a pincer movement (

Fortunately there were couple of new people who saved the day by breaking ranks with those who were trying to impose a communications blackout on Cyclists in Southwark. One had been intrigued by all the things we had been saying on Facebook! We had first to climb the massive hill to get over to Forest Hill, where we found that the "P' word was much in evidence on the sign posts. We then joined the Waterlink Way which took us to Beckenham Place Mansion, we were met by a third rider. We then went past Shortlands and Bromley Town Centre to the A21 cycle path and folloed this to Farnborough and High Elms. We saw some stewards ushering in cars to a Bexley Round Table event and thought isn't this Bromley not Bexley? When we climbed up the hill from High Elms to Downe we were over taken by a group of about six Dulwich Paragon Riders and though surely this is Bromley, not Southwark. We did attempt to keep up with them, but to no avail.

We soon reached the the Hollywood Farm Coffee shop, where we were joined by a fourth rider, who had been on our Biggin Hill Airshow ride. The year long boycott of our rides by Southwark Cyclists is causing problems for us as none of our riders has ever been on a Southwark Healthy Ride and this means that means that they have great difficulties in finding places such as the Dulwich Clock Cafe, which are located in the heart of Southwark.

Our discussions are starting to reveal how Cyclists in Southwark fits in the tapestry of cycling groups in London. Whereas Southwark Cyclists is using Dr Bike sessions and "Healthy Rides" as a means to get new people involved in cycling, Cyclists in Southwark is using a different approach to find new riders. Thousands of people are being attracted to cycling by doing longer rides like the London to Brighton one, however they appear to be having serious problems finding a suitable cycling club to join. Many cycling clubs are "full-on" ones and segregate women into "women-only" sections, or are located in far-flung pats of SE London (eg. Penge/Bromley, Limited Edition/Greenwich and Sidcup/Bexley), which is very inconvenient for those of us who live in boroughs such as Southwark, Lambeth, Camden, Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Tower Hamlets and Newham.

On the way back it was mostly downhill and it didn't take long for us to reach Beckenham Place Mansion and the Waterlink Way. At Bell Green we split up as we were all from different boroughs - Lambeth, Camden, Lewisham and Tower Hamlets.

Big Hill Airshow - Ride Report 18th August 2018

There were 9 of us on this 3rd Saturday 9.30am Cutty Sark ride to the Biggin Hill Airshow, with representatives from many London boroughs - Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Waltham Forest, Camden, Bromley, Newham and Lewisham, to be specific. But, as is customary on our rides, there was no representative from the London Borough of Southwark, probably for bike politics reasons.

Godstone Vineyards - Ride Report 11th August 2018

There were 6 riders on this 40 mile return ride from Dulwich Clock Cafe to Godstone Vineyards.

We decided to start off half an hour earlier than the Southwark Healthy Riders at 9.30am to give us a bit more time and we set ourselves a goal of getting back by 3.30pm, which we achieved with about 20 minutes to spare.

One or our riders said what had attracted her to the ride was that it was one of the few longer rides and that it was an opportunity to do a longer ride without having to do rides with a full-on cycling group.

In keeping with the name of our cycling group and unlike the situation for Southwark Cyclists rides, not a single rider on this ride was a resident of the London Borough of Southwark - we were just using Southwark as a convenient meeting point for rides. As we are not a borough-specific campaigning group, many of the riders on this ride had come from a multitude of boroughs - from Camden, Kensington & Chalsea, Lewisham, Greenwich and Lambeth, to be specific.

We started by climbing up College Road and Fountain Drive. When we got to the top, we found it difficult to make use of the new segregated cycle paths, as they were all going in the wrong direction, when we were turing right.

We then went down Anerley Road and, within an hour had reach West Wickham. We then followed the country lanes past the Police training centre and the White Oak pub. There were some serious hills near the Woldingham Gofl Club, but there was then calm as we passed up the valley to Woldingham School. There was then a short off-road path which took us down to Godson Vineyards, where we stopped for lunch. We then retuned by a similar route.


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