We have renamed our lovely group as ‘Spokes - London Cycling’. Absolutely everything else is the same - same Southwark/Bexley Saturday morning ambush marketing rides, same emphasis on bike politics, same people, same fun and inclusive atmosphere and same focus on the joy and fun of cycling with like-minded folk. We are a group of cycling enthusiasts who try and get out for a ride at least once every weekend. We believe cycling is great for the health and even better for the soul. For us, it’s all about having some fun and fresh air with like minded folks.

Ambush Marketing & the Museum of Brands

There was an interesting display at the Museum of Brands about the history of Easyjet. Easyjet founder, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, was an entrepreneur who was determined to take on the "big boys" and offer a value for money service which made a real difference to the lives of his customers. On one occasion he organised a guerrilla marketing stunt. When BA launched its no-frills airline, Go, Stelios, together with an entourage of his employees, tried to hijack the event by booking seats and turning up in their company's bright orange uniform. It was noted that publicity from this event was beneficial to both parties!

Spokes - a brand new year

"Spokes - London Cycling" has become de facto branding for our more challenging rides, so let's adopt it ocross the board as a first step to ensuring that ALL our rides are properly insured. Our new "Spokes" name is very appropriate for us, as we are all about is putting a spoke into London's cycling gravy train, where large amounts of money are being collected online from social cyclists, without giving them any democratic rights (aka bike politics!) to determine what sort of rides their cycling groups should be doing:


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