Ride to Petticoat Lane - Sat Oct 17th 2020, 9.30am

Meet Sat Oct 17th, 9.30am, Cutty Sark Gardens, by the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, SE10 9HT

This is an 18 mile ride to visit Petticoat Lane. However, there will be a surprise in store for us. It doesn't exist! We will discover that changed its name to Middlesex Street nearly 200 years ago, but that hasn't stopped people from continuing to use the name for branding and commercial purposes.

Cutty Sark to the Copped Hall Apple Day - Ride Report, Oct 13th 2019

"There's nobody here!" echoes the voice of Billy Connolly surveying a Scottish beach! But he just as well might have been talking about this year's Copped Hall Apple Day ride. But there were mitigating circumstances. Four people did give apologies for not attending and I have concluded that, in all four cases, the reason for not attending wasn't just any reason, but was a good one.


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