Bike Politics Ride Report - 10th June 2017

This was a counter-protest ride to protest against all the people who were refusing to get involved governance of our group. Despite a boycott by many of our regular riders, who didn't want the ride to be called a 'bike politics ride', there were still nine of us who met up at Cutty Sark Garden at 10am on a sunny Saturday morning.

"Rides for everyone" - Barry Mason

"4. The agreed formal aims of Greenwich Cyclists are to:
· encourage more people to cycle
· improve conditions for cyclists
· raise the profile of cycling
Rides aren’t mentioned. But we do loads. For everyone." - Barry Mason
But who provides public liability and 3rd party insurance for such rides and who is going to collect money from the riders to pay for public liability and 3rd party insurance? Cycling UK know how to do this, but does anyone else know?

Ride to Rainham Marshes

Is there life north of the Thames? We will cross the Thames on this ride to find out. We start by cycling along the Thames Path to Woolwich and then, having crossed to the north bank using the Woolwich Ferry, we cycle up to the A13 along a scenic cycle route. We then follow the A13 cycle path for a short distance and then turn off onto side roads which take us past Eastbrookend House. We take a detour around Beam Park and then take paths through Rainham Marshes and along the coast to the cafe at the Rainham Marshes nature reserve, where we stop for a refreshment break.

Richmond Ride Report - 8th April 2017

Thirteen of us made their way to the Bishop's Park Tea House to meet for this ride. People had cycled from places as far away as Crustal Palace, Stratford, Belsize Park and Wembley. There were also some locals from Lambeth and Wandsworth. As most of us had cycled many miles to get to the start point, we delayed the start to allow people to have coffee.


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