Cutty Sark to Beckenham Place Park & Chislehurst Caves - Ride Report Jul 27th 2019

With three people dropping out because of the heavy rain, it was amazing that we were able to go ahead with this ride. There were only two of us at the Cutty Sark start point, but we were able to establish a quorum by meeting up with a third rider at the Beckenham Place Park gates ("the quorum shall be three*). However, it was questionable as to whether the ride could be branded as being "Healthy" and there was certainly no chance of us being able to see any butterflies.

Southwark Healthy Ride to Cody Dock - Jul 20th 2019

You may be wondering why Cyclists in Southwark were going on a Southwark Healthy Ride rather than doing their own ride. The answer is that Cyclists in Southwark was brought to its knees a couple of years ago when the majority of its regular riders broke away from the group over a dispute about the excessive anonymity of group riding and whether we should bother about insurance and paperwork. They formed a separate group called Spokes - London Cycling. We thought they would return to the fold after a year, but this did not happen and the number of occasions when members of this breakaway group have attended our rides can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The only way to resolve this situation is to try to persuade some of the 2,000 riders who do the 120 mile Dunwich Dynamo to do shorter rides and to persuade those who do Southwark Healthy Rides to do longer rides. Although Spokes-London Cycling riders won't come on our rides, we have found that they are more amenable to the idea of meeting up with us when we both go on Southwark Healthy Rides.

There were about 15 Southwark Cyclists, 5 Cyclists in Southwark and 2 Spokes-London Cycling riders on this ride to the Greenway, QE Park and Cody Dock.

It was great to see that, after many years of waiting, the Greenway now extends all the way to the View Tube, in the QE Park.