Can we get the Southwark Healthy Riders to adopt a competitive ethos?

Now that we have set up our own Southwark-branded Strava group ( to rival the Lewisham (, Greenwich (, Tower Hamlets ( and Bromley ( ones, we have an entry in this year's Strava leader board for the "College Road - A205 to the top" Strava segment. We're ranked 1101th out of 1109 for our 11 min 29 sec climb that we did yesterday. The King of the Mountain for this segment, Jack Kellam ( took 3 minutes 32 seconds to do this climb. Can we do better next time?

Ride to High Elms Country Park - Sat 23rd March

Saturday 23rd March, 9:30 AM
Meet Up: Dulwich Clock Cafe, Dulwich Park, SE21 7BQ
Casual (No-Drop) / Killer Climbs

This is a ride to visit the Green Roof Café (, which is situated within the stunning countryside of High Elms Country Park. Originally built as a country retreat for the Lubbock family, all that remains today of the mansion are the ornamental gardens and terraces. Charles Darwin lived in the village of Downe and many specimen trees are still evident in the mature woodland.

Greenwich has a Strava group, so why can't Southwark have one?

Meet on Sat 26 Jan, 10am at Peckham Square. Greenwich ( and Tower Hamlets ( both have Strava groups. But what about Southwark? Why can't we have one? Help us launch our Southwark-branded Strava group by joining this group and posting the route of the next Southwark Healthy Ride to Strava.

Bluewater Ride Report - 19th Jan 2019

Oh to be a fly on the wall at a Southwark Cyclists committee meeting, when they decide whether their third Saturday Healthy Ride is going to be a Greenwich or a "Southwark" one! We wonder what criteria they use to make this decision. Perhaps it is the same as the criteria that the EU uses to allocate regional aid to Britain. Without black/white smoke to tell us what decision has been voted for, we are at a loss to work out whether large numbers people are going to turn up at Cutty Sark Gardens for a ride.


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