Southwark Healthy Ride+ to the Royal Docks - Ride Report, 21st March 2020

Jamie and I both expected that there would be just two or three of us on Saturday 21st March's Southwark Healthy Ride+ to the Royal Docks, as the ride had technically been "cancelled" both by British Cycling and by LCC. However, to our surprise there were 7 of us at Canada Water who were joined by a further 9 at Cutty Sark Gardens at 10am making a total of 16 riders. Interestingly I have a suspicion that a high proportion of those who attended were "key workers" and many of our regular riders stayed away. Keeping transport infrastructure going is particularly important at times like this, and there is no reason why cycling shouldn't be part of this:

Ride to Shirley Windmill

Meet on Sat Apr 25th, 10am, Peckham Square, next to Peckham Library, SE15 5JR

A quick Google search reveals that "Spokes - London Cycling" (see is:

"based in Beckenham & Selsdon, South Croydon, but our rides usually start at Beckenham Green, diagonally opposite Beckenham Junction train station, or in Greenwich, by the foot tunnel opposite the Cutty Sark. We arrange two types of rides: a "Fitness Ride", which can be between 30-80 miles, with lots of hills on the shorter routes, and less climbing, flatter, but faster average speeds, on the longer routes. The second type is a social ride, which can be between 10-30 miles, fewer hills, and ridden at a steady, social pace."

So, these are instructions we need to follow and on this occasion we will be meeting at Peckham Square at 10am to do a 23 mile return ride to Beckenham Green and Selsdon. On our return ride we will be going past Shirley Windmill (, so we will be able to take a look at this.

We start the ride by cycling to Nunhead, where we follow the path of the London to Lewes Way to Beckenham Place Park. We then continue to Beckenham Green and West Wickham, where we turn right and cycle to Addington and Selsdon. On the return route we go past Shirley Windmill and we then finish the ride by climbing up Crystal Palace and cycling down College Road to Dulwich Park.

Ride Leader: Nigel Bee (tel 07415 315 690, email )

Please RSVP at:

This is the route:

Affecting only older people

Why does Covid-19 only affect older people? But the same is true of Southwark's Healthy Rides programme! Why does it only affect older people? It would never have been like that if Barry Mason had still been in charge. Perhaps it's time for a conspiracy theory: Only 1 person of the 6 people who "liked" the Facebook ride report page for last Saturday's ride, 1 of the 15 people who viewed the page and 3 of the 29 people shown as being FB members actually attended the event! It is not just my rides that are being boycotted, but Southwark Healthy Rides too!


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