UK General Election 2019

With virtually all cycling-related policy now a Scottish rather than a UK responsibility we are not asking individual candidates for statements or holding a hustings for the UK General Election. However, as always, we tell you which candidates are Spokes members and give any useful further information including local hustings organised by others.

Ride in Search of the Source of the Quaggy River

Meet Sat Jun 13th, Cutty Sark Gardens, by the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, SE10 9HT at 9am or Danson Stables at 10am.

It takes two to tango and sometimes it's not us that are doing the ambush marketing on our rides!

Why is the Quaggy River like our cycling group? Because you don't just find it in Lewisham and Greenwich - you can also find it in Bromley!

This is a 37 mile Barry Mason ride in search of the source of the Quaggy River. Discovering it is a bit like finding a lost manuscript to a famous composer. Why should we be just be doing his Christmas Day and Midsummer Madness rides, when there is also Source of the Quaggy ride? We will discover that, in Bromley, this river meanders in a way that other rivers can only dream of.

We will start by cycling over Shooter's Hill to Danson Sables, where you can also join the ride at 10am. We then make our way to the Quaggy River, glimpses of which we can see at Chislehurst, Jubilee Country Park and Petts Wood. We then go to Locksbottom, where the source of the river can be found.

We will then cycle to High Elms and stop for a refreshment break there. We will then return to Cutty Sark Gardens, where the ride finishes.

Why is the River Quaggy like our cycling group? Because you don't just find it in Lewisham and Greenwich - you can also find it in Bromley!

To book, see the route and check whose coming, go to:

Southwark Healthy Ride to the Quaggy River - Feb 22nd 2020

There were about 20 people who assembled at Peckham Square to do the Southwark Healthy Ride to the Quaggy River. There were four of us (Beth, Omar, Lola & Nigel) who wanted to go further to the source of the river at Locksbottom. However, two were 10 minutes late and we couldn't hold up 20 people to wait for them. So only two of us went into Bromley and we decided to abandon the ride through lack of interest near Beckenham Place Park. Next Saturday there will be two 9.30am Healthy Ride+s: a Southwark Cyclists one from Burgess Park and a Bexley Cyclists one from Danson Stables. If last month's Bexley Healthy Ride+ is anything to go by, we will meet a lot more people who want to do challenging rides than we find in the Southwark Healthy Riders group. This is important to us as we aspire to be Cycling UK affiliated group Spokes - London Cycling ( rather than a cycle campaigning group. The Spokes - London Cycling group used to be our group until it was ambushed and rebranded by a hostile pro-LCC faction within our group. However, the good news is that this group now appears to have degenerated into a defunct group with the departure of key personnel and we might now be able to seize it back!


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