Dulwich Park to Osterley House - Ride Report, 1st Jun 2019

With only three of us attending this loop ride from Dulwich Clock Cafe to Osterley House, is the writing on the wall for Cyclists in Southwark? Certainly not! Because, for us, cycling is not so much a competitive sport as a game of bike politics! Like opposition parties, just because we don't get many votes doesn't mean we can't temper the extremes of those who oppose us.

There was a fourth rider who failed to find the Dulwich Clock Cafe but said he would have better idea of where it was on future rides. We know there were far more people who attended the Lewisham Cyclist' ride to Windsor the following day - but how many of those were simply tactical voters, attending a non-preferred ride simply to stop a rival candidate from having too much political power?

Dulwich Clock Cafe to Claremont Landscape Gardens - Ride Report 18th May 2019

There were six riders on this 50 mile ride to Claremont Landscape Garden. Four had initially signed up on strava.com, but one had texted to cancel the place. However, fortunately, there appears to be some sort of bush telegraph operating amongst Southwark's cycling community and 3 additional riders, who had not signed up, joined us. We might have got more people on the ride if we had been able to put inks to strava.com on the letsride.co.uk website, but unfortunately we are not being allowed to do this!

This ride had been organised as a protest against the tendency for London's non-Breeze rides community to only organise rides in SE London.

Relive 'Ride to Claremont Landscape Gardens'

One rider had come off his bike when cycling to the start point because of a grease spill on the road. However, he did manage to make it to Richmond Park, where he left us to take the Overground back to North London.

At Brixton Windmill we were surprised to see that a visitor centre was being constructed - we wondered if this meant that, on future rides, we would be able to stop off there for coffee and cakes.

The remaining 5 of us then continued via Putney Village to Richmond Park, where we following the path down thorough Ham to Twickenham Lock. We then followed the Thames Path on the east side of the Thames to Kingston River Front. There was a nice segregated cycle path which took us past Surbiton to Esher where we followed the rather busy road to Claremont Landscape Garden. We stopped there for lunch, but did have to content with some rather aggressive crows that threatened to steel the bread that came with the curry.

We then took a different route though Claygate back to Kingston and then returned to Richmond Park. The signs indicated that we could cycle to Wimbledon, but the path was gravelly and not suitable for cycling. However, it was better than cycling by the busy A3 and, despite having to push our bikes for a while, we did make it to the Wimbledon Windmill, where we stopped off, under the watchful eye of the food police, for a second break, before returning to Dulwich Clock Cafe.


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