Our Constitution

1. The name of the group shall be "Cyclists in Southwark" (or any other such name as may be decided at the AGM). This document is the governing document of Cyclists in Southwark.

2. Cyclists in Southwark is established for the following objects: to encourage more people to cycle, improve conditions for cyclists and raise the profile of cycling.

3. Cyclists in Southwark is a branch of Southwark Cyclists and inherits the objects, powers and rules of that parent body.

4. Membership of Cyclists in Southwark is open to any member of the public (or organisation) who shares the aims of Cyclists in Southwark. It is hoped that members of Cyclists in Southwark are also paid-up members of the London Cycling Campaign.

5. All members of Cyclists in Southwark are encouraged to take part in decisions.

6. An AGM shall be held once a year.