Bike Politics Ride Report - 10th June 2017

This was a counter-protest ride to protest against all the people who were refusing to get involved governance of our group. Despite a boycott by many of our regular riders, who didn't want the ride to be called a 'bike politics ride', there were still nine of us who met up at Cutty Sark Garden at 10am on a sunny Saturday morning. We received one text asking us to wait for someone who said she was going to be 5 minutes late, but it turned out she had confused our ride with the Southwark Healthy Ride that was starting at Canada Water at the same time. She soon realised this and joined the other group for their ride.

Our first stop was at the Barry Mason memorial, where the story of Barry Mason was told. By doing weekly rides for 10 years to places like Crossness and the Hoo Peninsula, he had spawned not just one but several cycling groups. Cyclists in Southwark is just one of these groups. We still see the 'Barry-100' group of cyclists every year when we do Barry's Christmas Day ride.

London Bridge was still cordoned off after the terrorist attack, so it was convenient that we had chosen a route past the Jerwood Space to get to The Cut.

We did suffer one picture, but Yves did an excellent job of repairing it.

One of our riders had mechanical problems causing the font wheel to come of and she had to leave us to take the train back, but 8 of us made it to Clapham Common.

We made our way to Brockwell Park, where we stopped for a 45 minute refreshment break.

As we had been delayed we agreed to take direct route back to Cutty Sark Gardens through Dulwich Park. We stopped of for a photo-shoot at Herne Hill Velodrome and then continued back to Cutty Sark Gardens using a route which took us through Peckham Rye Park and across Telegraph Hill.