Good Friday Ride from London Bridge to Tudeley (train assisted)

Meet Friday 19th April at London Bridge Station, Platform 6, to catch the 09.39 train to Orpington, which arrives there at 09.55.

When we reach Orpington Station, we start this 40 mile ride by cycling to Otford, where we join the Pilgrims' Way. After cycling eastwards for a few miles we turn off past Noah's Ark and proceed to Ightham Mote, where we stop for a coffee break. We then cycle via Hadlow (to take a look at to All Saints' Church, Tudeley, where we can see the Chagall windows. In 1963, Sarah the daughter of Sir Henry and Lady D'Avigdor-Goldsmid who owned near-by Somerhill House,was drowned in a sailing accident off Rye, East Sussex. In her memory, the couple commissioned Russian-French artist Marc Chagall to design a stained glass window for the church, which was installed in 1967. When Chagall arrived for the dedication of the east window in 1967, and saw the church for the first time, he exclaimed "C'est magnifique! Je les ferai tous!" ("It's magnificent! I will do them all!"). Over the next ten years Chagall designed the remaining eleven windows, made again in collaboration with the glassworker Charles Marq in his workshop at Reims in northern France. The last windows were installed in 1985, just before Chagall's death. We will have lunch at and then return via the same route to Knockholt Station (Zone 6). where the ride finishes.

To book, and see the route, go to

Fake News?

I've noticed that the Meridian Cycling Club ( has two websites ( and Is one of them fake news?

The answer is that is not really a club, but is run by a disaffected ex-member.

However, it is surprising that the following words appear on the the breakaway website, but are not there on the official website (see

"Along with many other members of the section Ray and Barbara strongly believed that compulsory cycling insurance was a necessity when riding a bicycle on the road. Unfortunately there was little enthusiasm within the other sections throughout the club, so the proposal was defeated on a number of occasions at committee level.

During 2006 the matter had come to a head, so in a final attempt to secure insurance throughout the club the Southeast section attended the Forty Plus AGM in large numbers. The outcome was that we were able to secure the election of Sidney Schuman as the new Chair and David Sims as the new General Secretary of the club.

Although David Sims was able to obtain competitive quotations for members insurance it made little difference to the other groups attitude.

On the way home from a disruptive AGM during October 2007 the decision to breakaway form the Forty Plus and form our own club was taken at Charing Cross Railway Station by David Sims and Ray and Barbara Ransom.

The following Wednesday we were meeting at Polhill Garden Centre where we advised many of our members of our intentions, there was some resistance at first, but following a meeting at High Elms Golf Club the following week it was agreed that we would breakaway from the Forty Plus and form our new club. The clincher for many members was when Gerry Kemp spoke in favor of the proposal giving us his full support. The irony was that we had not been aware that Gerry had wanted to breakaway from the Forty Plus for a number of years."


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