Multi-bubble Ride to the Bookstore Cafe, Erith - Sat Oct 17th

We are now having to adapt both to the "Rule of 6" and Tier 2 regulations. Insisting on everyone having Eventbrite tickets for our rides doesn't work for us. Not everyone with Eventbrite tickets turns up and it is often the proactive people without Eventbrite tickets who facilitate the running of a ride and make it a success. We have found that the solution is to organise "dual bubble" rides for 12 people.

Ride to Maryon Wilson Animal Park - Sat Oct 10th

Over the past few years, it has been very difficult for us to get support for running rides starting and finishing at Cutty Sark. This was mainly because Greenwich was facing competition from Southwark and Newham. This has been especially true of shorter rides, which are the only ones that have a group forming capability. Some longer rides have been organised, but with these, people often peel off to go home leaving hardly anyone at the start point when the ride finishes.

Ride to the View Tube - Sat Nov 21st

During lockdown, we are doing an experiment in democracy - each bubble of two makes its own mind up about what ride it wants to do. We can't all meet up at the View Tube to do a ride, but groups of two can still cycle there for a takeaway, as long as the groups are kept separate. The View Tube is a good destination for us, because, although it doesn't have a resident cycling club, it is still place where you often see other cyclists.

On Sat Nov 21st, at the last count, there were no less than six pairs of cyclists riding around North London. Rides were run like relay races with groups of two doing sections of a route and then handing over to a different group of two, freeing the original group up to return home via a suitable route.