Cyclists In Southwark


In SE London, many of our rides are organised on a cross-borough basis by the Dog & Bell Crew, centred on Greenwich and Lewisham, but including members from Bromley, Southwark and elsewhere. Non LCC people too!


Swain's Lane
Alexandra Palace
Mother Goose's Grave
Cyclists in Ongar
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White Hart
Great Stour Way
Veteran Car
Old Curiosity Shop
Erith View


Christmas Day Ride

"24 riders – too many for this type of ride, several just turning up without registering. The Coordinator will have to do some reminding about the good reasons for requiring registration."

"In accordance with LCC changes, rides are limited to 15, which is plenty for our local rides. There is a new risk assessment template which requires both a leader and a backmarker to be named. We will indicate in advance that there is a maximum of 15 and first 15 who have signed in will be guaranteed a place. Larger rides over 15 require the risk assessment to be signed off by LCC Office."

But now that there is no longer a Covid reason for restricting ride numbers, what are the good reasons for enforcing ride registration, when attendance is free?

Like Djokovic, if you can think of a good reason, I challenge you to say it to my face!

There used to be far more than 24 people on the Christmas Day Ride and nobody bothers to register people any more for the Dunwich Dynamo.

There is perhaps one reason for enforcing ride registration - that is to stop us from being accused of undermining cycling clubs, whose rides are not free.

But there is also a reason for not requiring registration: that is that enforced registration might create an inward-looking, elitist, exclusive, undemocratic and secretive group that no one wants to join.

However, we do need some form of ride regulation. We don't want hundreds of people turning up to some rides, but hardly anyone turning up to others. No ride leader is going to want to prepare for a ride and then wait around at a far flung destination only to find that no one turns up to the ride!






SS Robin

SS Robin has now been moved from outside ExCel to Trinity Buoy Wharf. But its journey was somewhat circuitous, as it had to leave the Royal Docks by passing through a large lock at the far end. This lock turned out to be fully functional, despite its looks.


The Southwark Cyclists Snowmen Ride on Saturday December 9th was fully booked, so those who didn't have Eventbrite ticket were not allowed to go on it. However, as the snowmen are to be found in the City of London, there's no reason why people who aren't Southwark residents can't organise a social ride to see them. But finding the snowmen was not that easy because their precise locations are not revealed on the internet. However, the game was given away by a group of people congregating in a narrow alleyway and pointing their phones sideways to take photographs.