1. The name of the group shall be "Cyclists In Southwark" (or any other such name as may be decided at the AGM). This document is the governing document of Cyclists In Southwark. 2. Cyclists In Southwark exists to: encourage more people to cycle improve conditions for cyclists raise the profile of cycling 3. Cyclists In Southwark may hold funds in designated accounts to further the above aims. Such funds may only be spent in agreement with the Chair and Treasurer of Cyclists In Southwark. Any cheques must be signed by one of the three designated Cyclists In Southwark signatories with approval from the Chair. 4. Membership of Cyclists In Southwark is open to any person or organisation who shares the aims of Cyclists In Southwark. The Cyclists In Southwark membership subscription is £10 per year. 5. Cyclists In Southwark shall be governed by a management committee of not less than five members who shall be appointed by all members attending the AGM. 6. The management committee shall comprise the following: Chair Secretary Treasurer At least two others as deemed necessary 7. Members of the management committee shall be elected for one year at the AGM. The AGM will be held once a year. Candidates will be nominated by another member and seconded by at least one other member. If more than one person is proposed, a show of hands will decide. 8. Cyclists In Southwark and its management committee shall meet not less than once a quarter. All members are encouraged to take part in decisions. All members may attend all meetings and vote on decisions and at elections.