Southwark Chalet Wood Bluebells Ride

Chalet Wood Bluebells

NOTE: Please register on the internet for this ride, as our Coordinator will shortly be reminding us of how important it is for people to register for our Southwark Healthy Rides.

Not all our rides are to where we already live, so let's celebrate by meeting up at 9.30am on Saturday 27th April at the Southwark Needle to do a social cycle ride to Wanstead Park to see the Chalet Wood bluebells.

It's now a "Southwark" rather than a Dog & Bell Crew ride. Has been thus for the past few years. We're now having some success in persuading Southwark Cyclists to get more involved in social rides planning than Bruce Lynn's world-renowned Healthy Rides.

The 21 mile route can be downloaded from here:



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